Cylinder Mould

Name: Cylinder Mould

Diameter: Φ600-Φ2000

Face length: 1000-5000mm

Diameter of axis: 160-180mm

Structure: Around the chips

Chips Material: SS

Spoke Material: SS or cast iron


The cylinder mould allows the manufacturing of papers with the following characteristics:

-High resistance, as very long fibers of a higher quality can be used.

-Great uniformity as the forming of the sheets is improved at a slow speed.

-High stability as the fibers are distributed in all directions, thereby improving the stability of the paper when damp.

-Possibility of high grammage.

-Unique range of grains due to the use of natural wool felts.

-Deckle edges or untrimmed edges.

-Exceptional resistance to scratching and erasing when heavily sized with gelatine.

Technical Data

Diameter Φ600-Φ2000
Face length 1000-5000mm
Diameter of axis  160-180mm
Structure Around the chips
Chips Material  SS
Spoke Material SS or cast iron
Working speed 100-250m/min


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