Pulp Pump

Name: Pulp Pump

Flow(m³/h): 20-1900

Head(m): 8-60

Rotating speed(r/min): 970-1480

NpSHr(m): 2.5-4

Efficiency(%): 53-85


Pulp pumps are used for transporting mixtures of liquid and solid components ; Pulp pump can be widely used in light industry, paper industry, temperature below 110℃,concentration less than 6% pulp transport.

Technical Data

Flow(m³/h) 20-1900
Head(m) 8-60
Rotating speed(r/min) 970-1480
NpSHr(m) 2.5-4
Efficiency(%) 53-85
Specific parameters need to be discussed in detail.

Technical Data

Parts Material
Pump housing Wear resistance alloy steel
Impeller Wear resistance stainless steel
Adjusting plate Wear resistance stainless steel
Impeller partition Wear resistance alloy steel
Back pump cover HT
Auxiliary impeller Wear resistance alloy steel
Pump shaft 40Cr
Bearing body QT500-7

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