Vacuum suction roll

Roller shell: 304 stainless steel/stainless iron

Box: 304 stainless steel/carbon steel(Carbon steel is easy to rust, so paint a layer of paint on the surface)

Shaft head: cast steel / ductile iron

Bearing: cast iron/Q235, cast steel

Sealing system: graphite、high molecular weight polyethylene


The vacuum suction roll is a key equipment in the press section, and its function is to transfer the paper sheet after the wire section is formed to the press section. Whether it is normal is very important to the stable operation of the paper machine.They are mainly composed of a rotating cylinder, a vacuum box inside the cylinder, a bearing support device, and a transmission device

Structure principle

The vacuum suction roll is an important component of paper leading from the flat roll of the wire section to the press section. It is composed of a roll body, a vacuum box, a water spray pipe, a regulating screw, pressure, and vacuum system.

Interval parameters

Working face 1600mm-6200mm
Diameter 400mm-700mm
Center distance 1900mm-6500mm
Suction width 3000mm-5000mm
Drill hole diameter 5mm-10mm

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