Name: Headbox

GSM: 25-90g/㎡

Net paper Width: 4100mm

Jet width: 4500mm

Wire section width: 4700mm

Designed speed: 500m/min

Finished paper dryness: 92%


Headbox for paper making mill machine ,as an important paper machine part, is the first part from pulp making to paper production. Its structure and properties are decisive for the formation of the paper and the quality of the paper. Can effectively disperse fibers. The high turbulence headbox produces high-intensity micro-motion, which effectively disperses the fibers, prevents fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, and effectively increases the strength of the sheet. Distribute the paper stock evenly along the paper machine. (Determining the horizontal quantitative distribution of the web) The shotcrete is stable, ensuring that the pulp speed is coordinated with the web speed. (Determining the longitudinal quantitative distribution of the web)

Technical Data

Note: The kraft paper 3800 4200 machine with the following parameters is taken as an example.
Air-cushioned headbox
Model 3800 4200
Net paper width (mm) 3800mm 4200mm
Jet width (mm) 4150mm 4550mm
Working speed (m/min) 280—480m/min 280—480m/min
Diameter of holyroll (mm) Φ219 Φ219
Distribution of slurry/pulp Square cone pipe cloth slurry Step diffuser Square cone pipe cloth slurry Step diffuser
Arrangement Left or right hand Left or right hand
Outline size (L*W*H  M) 5600*2450*1350 6000*2450*1350


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