Tissue paper machine

Name: Tissue paper making machine

Model: 787-3500

GSM: 13-30g/㎡

Production: Customization

Working speed: Customization

Center distance: According to models

Transmission form: Use AC frequency conversion and driving by step


Main models: 787, 1200, 1092, 1575, 1760, 1880, 2100, 2850, 3500.

According to the needs of the manufacturing process, the paper machine has various structural forms, which are generally composed of parts such as flow, forming, pressing, drying, finishing, coiling and transmission, and auxiliary equipment such as auxiliary systems.

Technical Data

Paper grade Tissue paper making machine
Net Paper width 787-3500mm
GSM 13-30g/m2
Production Customization
Working speed Customization
Center distance According to models
Transmission form Use AC frequency conversion and driving by step

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