LS– L200 intelligent CNC spiral paper tube machine

Name: LS– L200 intelligent CNC spiral paper tube machine

Reel diameter: 20–120mm

Coil speed: 3-16m/min

Roll paper layer number: 3—16layers

Paper tube wall thickness: 1—10mm

Host power: 7.5KW

Host specifications: 2600*1700*1600

Power supply: 380V


1.More than 80 function Settings, arbitrary setting of machine operation

2.Glue on either side or both sides

3.Automatic cutting and automatic tube dropping

4.Infrared + host automatic speed change makes the tube length more accurate (error 1-2mm)

5.Automatic synchronous speed change and automatic return when cutting

6.Digital display with head Angle adjustment (optional)

7.Frequency conversion speed control can save 30-60% of electricity than ordinary electromagnetic speed control

8.Electric heating drying device can be added

9.Paper break * glue break automatic stop protection (optional)

10.Ultra-low noise. 65 decibels

11.Stainless steel plastic box + polypress rubber knife, durable

12.Single round knife active cutting, more flat incision, more stable performance

Technical Parameter

LS---L200intelligent CNC spiral paper tube machine
Reel diameter 20--120mm Roll paper layer number 3—16layers
Coil speed 3-16m/min Paper tube wall thickness 1—10mm
Transmission mode Automatic tensioning anti-trip chain transmission Control form multi point operation panel
Winding head two head single belt operators two
Gluing method Single side or double side gluing Reel fixed clamping + flange two-way lock
Cutting mode Single round knife synchronous automatic cutting Fixed length mode Infrared precise length
Host power 7.5KW Host speed ratio WPO 1:30
Auxiliary power 0.37KW+0.37KW Speed control computer frequency conversion +PLC
Host specifications 2600*1700*1600 Power supply 380Vthree-phase four-wire

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