Toilet paper band saw cutting machine

Name: Band saw cutting machine

Blade Length: 3750

Capacity(per 8h): 0~2T

Cutting speed: 0~150

Power: 6kw


 The LCD touch screen is used for humanized operation of the system, the calculator calculates and debugs, the setting is simple, and the man-machine dialogue is realized; Equipped with an automatic knife sharpening system, the screen controls feed, and the paper cutting process is smooth, without the need for personnel, which greatly reduces the accident index that occurred in the past, thereby improving the operation of the operator; The model is suitable for cutting roll paper with or without core; To change the specifications, only need to set the required slitting number and slitting length on the touch screen, and the size of the head and tail material can be flexibly set; The whole machine has advanced settings and stable performance. It adopts a unified series of electrical component control, PLC program control, frequency converter speed regulation, servo motor drive, and durable;

Technical Data-Manual band saw cutter

Manual band saw cutter

Capacity(per 8h)


Blade Length


Cutting speed






Host size

Packing size



Technical Data-Automatic band saw cutter

Automatic band saw cutter
Capacity Depends on the rewinder
Blade size 3750*60*0.6
Cutting speed 0~150
Power 6kw
Weight 1000kg
Packing size 3400mm*1200mm*1850mm

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