Reject Sorter

Name: Reject sorter

Model: ATXZS1/280-ATXZS3/480

Inlet Consistency (%): 1-3.5

Outlet consistency (%): 15-20

Capacity (t/d): 10-80

Power of motor (kw): 22-75

Rinse water usage: 60-150(l/min)


1.Less fiber in the reject after this equipment, no water basically, to reduce reject handing cost in the following procedure.

2.Low friction force due to special rotor design, guarantee rejecting integrity, to separate reject and stock efficiently.

3.Open-type upper cover for more simple and easy maintenance.

4.Equipped with washing pipe, to reduce basket plugging and fiber loss.

Technical Data

Product name Reject sorter / Slag reject separator
Model ATXZS1/280 ATXZS2/380 ATXZS3/480
Inlet Consistency (%) 1-3.5
Outlet consistency (%) 15-20
Capacity (t/d) 10--20 20--35 55-80
Power of motor (kw) 22--37 37--55 55--75
Rinse water usage (l/min) 60 100 150

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