Press roll

Product name: Press roll

Working surface: 1400-6800mm

Diameter: 600-1300mm

Center distance: 1600-7000mm

Glue thickness: 20-40mm


The press roll is the main component of the press unit. There are many types of press rolls. The press section of the old paper machine mostly uses flat press rolls. With the increase of paper machine speed, vacuum press rolls are used, and then groove press rolls are developed. In the 1970s, blind holes were researched and developed. Press rolls and controllable medium and high rolls. After absorbing the advantages of vacuum pressure rolls, groove rolls and blind hole rolls, several other new types of pressure rolls appeared. From the 1980s to the 1990s, wide nip presses and shoe presses for high-speed paper machines were developed. Until now, researchers have not stopped the development of new press rolls. The purpose of developing new press rolls is to improve dewatering efficiency, improve the quality of paper sheets, and reduce the adverse effects of pressing on the paper industry. Both ordinary presses and positive presses use flat roll presses. The structure of the flat roller press, the upper roller is a stone roller, and the lower roller is a rubber roller. Both rolls have flat and smooth roll surfaces. The bottom roll of the flat roll press is a rubberized cast iron roll.

technical parameter

Working surface 1400-6800mm
Diameter 600-1300mm
Center distance 1600-7000mm
Glue thickness 20-40mm

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