Refiner Disc

Name: Refiner Disc Plates

Material: Multi-Alloy cast iron

Thickness: 22mm( two types)

Diameter of the refiner plates: 450mm

Inner diameter: 220mm

Outer diameter: 450mm

Hardness: HRC35


1.Refiner plate is the core part of the beating process of pulping machine  in paper and pulp industry.

2. It is used to improve the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the papermaking demand. This Refiner plate disc is suitable for various pulp, such as wood pulp, chemimechanical pulp, chemical pulp and waste paper pulp.

3.Material selection

High chromium cast iron, nickel chromium alloy, alloy, stainless steel, tungsten carbide are available. The optimized grinding tooth profile can meet the needs of specific process, to improve fiber beating quality,paper quality and reduce power consumption.

Technical Data

Name Refiner Disc Plates
Material Multi-Alloy cast iron
Location dimension 405-410mm( two types)
Tilt Angle of gear grinding Standard
Grinding tooth height/ width Standard
Thickness 22mm
Diameter of the refiner plates 450mm
Inner diameter 220mm
Outer diameter 450mm
Hardness HRC35
Hole center distance 325mm


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