Press Felt

Name: Press Felt

The use position of the pressing section: Top felt,Bottom felt

Material: Main is raw material chemical fiber

Thickness [mm]: 3.4

Permeability[cfm]: 75

Felt Weight[g/m2]: 1250


Paper making press felt refers to the fabric felt used for paper forming and conveying in the paper making industry. It is used for paper forming, wet paper dewatering and conveying. The processing method is to first make a coarse mesh and thin base cloth with synthetic fibers, and then spread them with chemical fibers. After needle punching, chemical treatment, resin finishing and heat setting, it is required to have good dehydration, smoothness, and dirt resistance. Resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, antibacterial resistance, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance, etc.

Technical Data

Position  Press felt Type BOM Laminated1+1 Size 4.25*16.35*1250
Quality Recommendation 1:Endless felt afford uniform tension and stable mesh、twill weave extremely good anti-compact ability 2:Lapping batt layer by layer, it can preventive to pulp penetration and ensure to keep the flexibility of felt. 3:Reversed side has two layers of batt in order to improve the wear resistance. Mesh Pattern 1/3 1/3
Weight 310 260
MD Yarn1 0.2*6 0.2*4
Weft 0.4*1 0.35*1
Batt Surface 22D   2*110
Subface 33D   2*133
Innerface 44D   2*100
Thickness [mm] 3.4
Permeability [cfm] 75
Felt Weight [g/m2] 1250
Felt Maintenance ①High pressure washing pressure 10-18kgf /cm2; ②Spray 2-kgf /cm2 at low pressure to reduce friction between felt and panel; ③Stop the machine to relax the felt tension and perform chemical cleaning; ④The vacuum degree of the return vacuum box is 0.04-0.05MPa.

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