Rewinder machine

Name: Rewinder machine

Model(mm): 1092-5600

Working speed(m/min): Customization

Driving Method: Electromagnetic variable-speed motor driving/ Variable frequency variable-speed motor driving

Braking Method: DC motor braking/Variable frequency motor braking


The purpose of the rewinder machine is to rewind the paper rolls (called original paper rolls) produced by the paper machine one by one, and the paper is made into finished paper after rewinding. It has become a development trend in the papermaking machinery industry to replace DC drives with AC drives in rewinders. The paper rolls rolled by the paper reel are relatively soft, and may be damaged or broken inside. The edges on both sides are not neat, and the width of the paper web cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most paper types (such as newsprint) , Letterpress printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) must be trimmed, slit, spliced, and re-rolled on the core of the paper roll to form a finished paper roll with a certain specification and certain tightness requirements before it can leave the factory.

Technical Data

Model(mm) 1092-5600
Working speed(m/min) Customization
Driving Method electromagnetic variable-speed motor driving/ variable frequency variable-speed motor driving
Braking Method DC motor braking/Variable frequency motor braking

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