Drum Pulper

Name: Drum Pulper

Model: AT275-AT425

Drum Diameter: ∅2750-∅4250

Capacity (T/D): 140-1400

A type Motor Power: 160-1000

B type Motor Power: 200-1250


Drum pulper belongs to Pulping System of paper machinery and is a more advanced Pulping System. Drum pulper is a product which incorporates pulping and screening function and is particularly suitable for pulping the unsorted waste paper raw materials. For expanding the recovery and utilization the secondary fiber, reducing the environmental pollution, saving the energy, reaching the localization of papermaking equipment and saving the foreign exchange, the product has a greater economic and social benefits. Drum pulper is used for disintegrating continuously and coarse screening under a high concentration of waste paper raw materials (14%-22%).

Technical Data

Product name Drum Pulper
Model AT275 AT300 AT325 AT350 AT375 AT400 AT425
Drum Diameter ∅2750 ∅3000 ∅3250 ∅3500 ∅3750 ∅4000 ∅4250
Capacity (T/D) 140-200 200-300 300-400 400-550 550-720 750-1000 1000-1400
A type Motor Power 160 250 315 500 630 800 1000
B type Motor Power 200 315 400 630 800 1000 1250

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