JZ-240-F Round Roll Packaging Machine

Name: JZ-240-F Round Roll Packaging Machine

Machine model: JZ-240-F

supply voltage: 380V 50HZ

Air Pressure: 0.5—0.8Mpa(customer-owned)

Material handling method: Automatic sorting


1. This machine integrates automatic paper feeding, automatic material handling, bagging, and sealing. This machine is connected with the front end rotary and automatic Paper cutter to realize online continuous production. Only manual bagging is required, and the finished products are automatically sent out after packaging.

2. This machine adopts a servo motor based control method: feeding bags and pushing paper, and the structure of the servo motor is simplified with the material sorting and picking machine, simplifying the adjustment steps. It saves gas consumption and solves the problem of unstable operation of the packaging machine due to the influence of gas supply during use.

3. Adopting advanced PLC computer programming control, LCD text display parameters, and easy parameter setting

4.This machine adopts a high-speed heating device, water cooling control, fast heating and sealing speed, more precise temperature control, and more effective protection of the heating wire and temperature resistant adhesive tape.

Technical Parameter

JZ-240-F Round Roll Packaging Machine
Roll height 60-160 MM
Roll diameter 80-120 MM
Maximum packaging width 240 MM
Maximum packaging length 600 MM
Packaging speed 5-10 bags
weight 800kg
Total power About 2.2KW

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