Sizing roller

Shell Material: HT200/HT250 cast iron

Shaft Material: 45# steel

Working face: 1500mm-6500mm

Diameter: 300mm-1500mm

Center distance :1800mm-7000mm

Rubber thickness :20mm-30mm

Working speed :200m/min-500m/min

Roll body material :HT200、HT300


It is divided into upper and lower sizing rollers. This rubber roller is composed of a thick-walled cast iron pipe, a bulky head, and a combination of drying and installation of the shaft head. The roller surface is covered with rubber, and the shaft end is equipped with a bearing seat, a bearing cap, and a bearing.


1:The sizing roller will produce an aging layer due to long-term use, the hardness will increase or the surface will have slight cracks. Once this happens, it is best to remove the sizing roller from the machine for re-grinding and grind off the rubber surface. . 5mm-1. 0mm. And then use it again.

2:When the operating pressure of the sizing roller is greater than or equal to 80KN/M or the operating speed is greater than or equal to 600M/MIN. Then the roller core of the sizing roller should be equipped with a water cooling system. For this reason, when the sizing roller and another sizing roller with a surface temperature of ≥95°C are mutually released and used, the cooling system measures mentioned above need to be taken. The amount of water used for water cooling must be sufficient, and the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water should be ≤5°C.

Interval parameters

Working face 1500mm-6500mm
Diameter 300mm-1500mm
Center distance 1800mm-7000mm
Rubber thickness 20mm-30mm
Working speed 200m/min-500m/min
Roll body material HT200、HT300

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