Touch roll

Roller shell: 304 stainless steel/stainless iron

Shaft head: cast steel / ductile iron

Bearing: cast iron/Q235, cast steel


Paper making touch roll: it includes a hollow roll core, a stepped long shaft and a stepped short shaft are fixedly installed at both ends of the inner cavity of the roll core, and the outer surface of the hollow roll core is circumferentially covered with an adhesive layer. The inner cavity is a stepped hole structure. The stepped long shaft and the stepped short shaft are respectively installed in the outer end holes of the stepped hole in the inner cavity of the roller core. At the same time, a balance mechanism is arranged on the end face of the roller core. Two balance rings between the end face of the roll core and the stepped long axis and stepped short axis. The touch roll has a compact structure, reasonable design, small diameter of the roller body, light overall weight, and low manufacturing cost, which can reduce the cost of use by customers, and at the same time, it can meet the static balance requirements of the roller body, and is easy to use.

Structure principle

Structurally, the stepped long shaft and stepped short shaft of the touch roll and the inner cavity of the roller core are tightly fitted and fixedly connected, and the connection method is simple and easy to install; the shaft end of the stepped long shaft is provided with a key for adjacent connection. The radial positioning of the parts is simple, convenient and reliable.

Interval parameters

Working face 1000mm-7500mm
Diameter 400mm-1200mm
Center distance 1300mm-8500mm
Rubber thickness 15mm-40mm

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