Blind press roll

Name: Blind press roll

Center distance: 4150mm

Working face: 3200mm

Roll diameter: 1270mm

Rubber thickness: 20mm

Paper machine working speed: 300m/min

Roll body material: Cast steel/Stainless steel


 A large number of holes with a certain depth are drilled on the surface of the pressure roller. The depth of the holes is best to use two or three different sizes of depths and the same arrangement. The bottom of the holes is not connected to the atmosphere or vacuum, so it is called a blind hole. The pressing form consisting of blind hole press rolls is called blind hole press. Blind press roller is also hung rubber or polyurethane on the iron roller core. Blind holes with a diameter of 2mm and a depth of 12~15mm are drilled on the rubberized surface. Blind holes of different depths and two rows of alternate rows can also be drilled. The opening rate of the blind hole press roller is about 25%~30%, and the hole volume is about 5 times larger than that of the groove press roller, so it can accommodate more Squeeze water. The solid part of the blind hole pressure roller is not as easy to damage as the groove pressure roller, so the roller can be covered with a softer layer of about 70~90 Shore hardness. As a result, one is to reduce the wear of the felt, and the other is to provide a wider nip, which is beneficial to increase the pressure of the nip line. Compared with the grooved grooved roller with a groove depth of 2.5mm, the blind hole with a depth of 15mm can be ground many times more than the grooved roller before re-coating.

Technical Data

Blind hole roll parameters
Center distance 3500-6500mm
Working face 3000-6000mm
Roll diameter 600-1700mm
Rubber thickness 15-40mm
Paper machine working speed according to the working speed of paper machine
Roll body material Cast steel/Stainless steel
Cylinder head Cast steel/Stainless steel
Hole diameter 2.7-3mm
Drill hole deep 7-9mm
Hole rate 22-30%

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