Drum Screen

Name: Drum Screen

Model: AT1200-3000


Inlet Capacity:5-6%


Rotary drum screen is one of the main components of the continuous hydrapulper impurity removal system. It is suitable for the rough selection of tailing. It is installed after the pulper or impurity separator, and it is Heavy debris is screened out, reducing the load of subsequent screening equipment. During operation, the pulp advances along the equal-pitch spiral guide vane on the inner ring of the screen drum, and the good pulp and small impurities pass through the Ф8-Ф14mm screen hole to the pulp tank under the action of gravity; the impurities with larger geometric shapes are slid along the spiral plate track to the slag discharge end and discharged. The water spray device sprays a certain pressure of water in a fan-shaped plane to wash away the fibers on the impurities and dilutes pulp, so as to eliminate impurities to the greatest extent and reduce fiber loss. The general purpose of drum screens is to remove plastic skins.

technical parameter

Model AT 1200 AT 1500 AT 1800 AT 2400 AT 3000
Screen drum inner diameter Φ1200mm Φ1500mm Φ1800mm Φ2400mm Φ3000mm
Effective length of screen drum 2000mm 3000mm 3500mm 4000mm 4500mm
Screen drum speed 14r/min 10.5r/min 8.5r/min 6r/min 4r/min
Pulp inlet diameter (inner diameter) Φ250mm Φ300mm Φ400mm Φ450mm Φ500mm
Pulp inlet concentration 5~6% 5~6% 5~6% 5~6% 5~6%
Capacity (Absolutely dry pulp) 24~40T/D 30~50T/D 65~85T/D 80~120T/D 100~150T/D
Main Power(KW) 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5
Weight(kg) 2800 3700 4500 5500 7500

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