Pressure Screen

Name: Pressure Screen

Model: AT0.6-AT4

Screen area(m²): 0.6-4

Screen cut scope(mm): 0.15-0.5

Inlet pressure(Mpa): 0.1-0.25

Pulping in-out concentration(%): 0.3-1.2


1:Overview of inflow pressure screen

Inflow pressure screen adopts the up-flow structure design of pulp at the bottom, heavy slag discharge at the bottom, and light slag discharge at the top. Light impurities and air in the pulp naturally rise to the top slag discharge port for discharge, and heavy impurities can settle to the bottom for discharge as soon as they enter the body.

2:Overview of outflow pressure screen

Outflow pressure screen is used for low-concentration screening of paper machine, mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, tailing pulp and waste paper pulp. The inner structure of the pressure screen makes the pulp inlet more smoothly and outlet is more smoother. (Used for coarse screening and fine screening of chemical pulp, waste paper pulp and other pulps. Non-wound multi-rotor block design, gentle pulse, clean pulp, high pulse frequency, and large capacity.)


Technical Data

Overview of inflow pressure screen
Model AT0.6 AT0.9 AT1.2 AT1.5 AT2 AT2.5 AT3.5 AT4.5 AT6
Inlet consistency(%)


Inlet pressure(MPa)


Motor Power(KW) 15-22 18.5-30 22-37 30-45 37-55 37-75 45-110 55-132 75-160
Capacity(t/24h) 20-30 25-60 30-80 40-120 80-210 100-230 140-280 180-350 230-500

Technical Data

Overview of outflow pressure screen
Model AT0.4 AT0.8 AT1.2 AT1.5 AT2.0 AT3.0 AT4.0
Screen Area(m2) 0.4 0.8 1.2 1.5 2.0 3.0 4.0
Screen Hole Size(mm)


Screen Slot Size(mm)


Capacity(t/24h) 50-100 60-200 80-300 90-360 120-450 180-600 220-900
Inlet Consistency(%) High consistency 2-5; Low concentration 0.6-2
Inlet Pressure(MPa)


Motor Power(KW) 15-55 30-75 30-90 45-110 75-132 110-260 132-280

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