Automatic paper cutter

Name: Automatic paper cutter

Overview: This device is the latest model independently developed by the company based on the current market usage situation. This equipment adopts international advanced technologies such as PLC programming control, large screen true color human-machine interface operation, precise servo control of feeding length, mechatronics integration control, etc. It can automatically detect each key action and has a complete fault information prompt system, enabling the entire production line to achieve the best working state.


1. The main motor is independently driven by a frequency converter;

2. Automatic shutdown alarm for tool breakage;

3. The feeding motor adopts a high-precision servo system to ensure the quality of the finished product;

4. The equipment automatically calculates the quantity of finished products cut based on the length of raw materials and finished products;

5. When there is an error in the input data, the device pauses and prompts for adjustment on the interface;

6. Automatically classify the cut paper head and tail;

7. The equipment adopts cutting with a knife to reduce user usage costs;

Technical Parameter

Automatic paper cutter
Roll Overall weight 1000kg
Cutting speed 150~180m/min
Paper cutting channel 1 piece
Cutting tool 3750*60*0.6mm
Raw material length ≤2200mm
Cutting deviation ±1mm
power supply 380V/50HZ three-phase four-wire
Total power 6kw

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