Packing machine

Name: Packing machine

Packaging speed: 8—12bags/min

Voltage: 220V,50HZ (other voltage customization)

Air pressure: 0.5MPA(Customer prepare)

Total Power: 0.4KW

Packing size: 130-210*95-100*50-95mm


Packing machine features:

1.This machine can be directly connected front-end for automatic packaging, for continuous work.

2.The bag sealed at once. Improve efficiency, reduce production costs.

3.The machine is simple, low requirement on the operation of the workers; instead of manual operation, the appearance of more standardized products.

4.The machine uses the brand PLC computer programming control, control accuracy of positioning; operating parameters settings, change convenience.

5.The main pieces of the machine control unit for the import of high-quality components, the remaining parts of the national quality standard, the machine stable and reliable performance.

Technical Data

Technical parameters
Packaging speed 8—12bags/min
Voltage 220V,50HZ (other voltage customization)
Air pressure 0.5MPA(Customer prepare)
Total Power 0.4KW
Packing size 130-210*95-100*50-95mm
Overall size 2500*900*1300mm

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