Paper winding machine/Pope reel

Name: Paper winding machine/Pope reel

Net paper width: 1092-5600

Working speed(m/min): Customization

Driving Method: Unified arrangement with paper machine drive

GSM: 15-360 GSM

Max Jumbo roll diameter: 2800mm


This machine is used for the first set of finishing equipment behind the paper machine. The roll cylinder is operated actively, and the roll is driven by friction to complete the paper winding. By adjusting the pressure of the auxiliary arm and the cylinder of the main arm to adjust the linear pressure between the roll and the cylinder, the operation can meet the needs of different kinds of paper and make the paper rolled down from the paper machine into a compact and uniform roll paper.

Technical Data

Net paper width 1092-5600m
Working speed Customization
GSM 15-360 GSM
Driving Method Unified arrangement with paper machine drive
Max Jumbo roll diameter 2800mm

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