Paper tube making machine

Name: Paper pipe making machine

Model: AT-2150A-4250A

Cutting pipe Diameter: 40~250mm

Pipe cutting speed: 3~20M/min

Voltage: 380V

Pipe rolling Diameter(mm): 20~100


Characteristics of paper core machine:

1.Auto-cutting and auto-dropping.

2.Automatic speed change and automatic recovery during cutting.

3.Active cutting with circular knife makes the cut more smooth and the performance more stable.

4.Automatic gluing.

Technical Data

Paper pipe making machine
Model AT-2150A AT-4250A
Cutting pipe Diameter 20-100mm 40-250mm
Pipe cutting speed 3-15M/min 3-20M/min
Voltage 380V three-phase four wire (other voltage customized)
Pipe rolling thickness 0.5-8mm 1-15mm
Paper layer 3-16 layers 3-21 layers

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