Name: Potcher

Model: ATP500

Capapcity(T/D): 3-200 T/D

Potcher size: Φ1200×1000

Width: 3200mm

Potcher rotate speed: 10-12r/min

Pulp density: 1-6%


Bleacher is a kind of intermittent bleaching equipment, used for wash and bleaching pulp fiber which after chemical reaction with bleaching agent. It can make pulp fiber to achieve enough whiteness requirement.

Technical Data

Product Name Potcher
Model ATP500
Capacity 3-200 T/D
Potcher size Φ1200×1000
Width 3200mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 10.5m*2.8m*2.3m
Potcher rotate speed 10-12r/min
Pulp density 1-6%
Impeller rotation speed 446r/min
Impeller diameter 550mm

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