Rotary Spherical Digester

Name: Rotary Spherical digester

Max designed Pressure: 0.88MPa

Hydraulic test pressure: 1.26MPa

Design temperature: 200℃

Sphere nominal inner diameter: 3650mm

Sphere volume: 25m³

Sphere rotate speed: 0.48r/min


The utility model relates to a rotary batch pulping equipment.Itself is spherical, mainly composed of sphere, frame, transmission device and other parts.Spherical digester The spheres are welded or riveted together with steel plates.Spherical digester The advantages of steaming balls are that the raw materials and liquid in the balls are fully mixed, the pulp quality is relatively uniform, Spherical digester the equipment is simple, the investment is small, and Spherical digester easy to manage and maintain.

Technical Data

Product Name Rotary Spherical digester
Max designed Pressure 0.88MPa
Max working pressure 0.8MPa
Hydraulic test pressure 1.26MPa
Design temperature 200℃
Sphere nominal inner diameter 3650mm
Sphere volume 25m³
Sphere rotate speed 0.48r/min
Inlet hole size 600*900mm
Inlet Diameter 80mm

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