Name: Reducer

Input Speed: 300-1800Rpm

Output Torque: 1.8-2430N.M

Rated Power: 0.25-7.5Kw

Efficiency: 94%~98%

Temperature: 40~45ºC

Weight: 26kg


The main features of the reducer:

1.Optimization design of main parameters such as center distance and ratio. High interchangeablity for main components

2.Gears are made of high-class alloy steel, with carburization and quenching treatment. Gear surface hardness of HRC54 - 58.

3.Compact size, light weight, high precision, big carring capacity, high efficiency, long service life, high reliability, stable transmission, low noise.

4.Normally oil sump lubrication is used, with cooling naturally. If thermal power cannot be achieved,circular oil lubrication, fan, cooling coil pipe may be used.

Technical Data

Product name Reducer
Input Speed 300-1800Rpm
Output Torque 1.8-2430N.M
Rated Power 0.25-7.5Kw
Efficiency 94%~98%
Temperature 40~45ºC
Weight 26kg
Ratio 1:30
Output Speed 48rpm


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