Air Cylinder

Name: Air Cylinder

Type: 100*100

Applicable medium: Air

Pressure range: 0.1~0.9 MPa

Proof pressure: 1.35 MPa

Speed range: -5°C~70°C


Pneumatic cylinders are mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion. Body material: Aluminium Bore size: 32,40,50,63,80,100 Features

1) This series of cylinder conforms to: standard

2) There is an adjustable buffers at the terminals of the cylinder except for mounted cushion.

3) We can offer different kinds of mounting style according to standard, like Foot mounting, Front flange mounting, Rear-flange mounting,and so on.

4) Different thread type can be offered according to customers' requirements, e.g.:BSP, NPT etc.

5) Needn't lubricate on piston rod by oil.

Technical Data

Product name Air Cylinder
Type 100*100
Applicable medium Air
Pressure range 0.1~0.9 MPa
Proof pressure 1.35 MPa
Temperature range -5°C~70°C
Speed range 30~800 mm/s
Cushion style Adjustable Cushion
Buffering distance(mm) 32


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