Egg Tray Machine

Product name: egg tray machine

Model: AT1500-AT8000

Output: 500 pieces/hour-8000 pieces/hour


Egg trays making machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment. It can make egg box, paper egg .The pulp paper egg tray machine is controlled by PLC, the degree of the automation is high, and it is easy to learn, service is convenient. Also the scope of the machine is widely. It can produce egg carton, egg box, egg tray, bottle tray, agricultural train seeding cup, industrial production packing.

Technical parameters

Name Egg Tray
Yield 1500 tablets/hour 2000 tablets/hour 2500 tablets/hour 3500 tablets/hour 4000 tablets/hour 5000 tablets/hour 6000 tablets/hour 8000 tablets/hour
Model AT-3*1 AT-3*1 AT-3*4 AT-4*4 AT-4*8 AT-5*8 AT-5*12 AT-6*12
Water consumption 120kg/hour 160 kg/h 200kg/hour 280kg/hour 320 kg/h 400 kg/h 480 kg/h 640kg/h
Power consumption 32kW/hr 45kW/h 58kW/h 78kW/h 80kW/h 85kW/h 90kW/h 100kW/h

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