Vacuum couch roll

Roller shell: 304 stainless steel/stainless iron

Box: 304 stainless steel/carbon steel(Carbon steel is easy to rust, so paint a layer of paint on the surface)

Shaft head: cast steel / ductile iron

Bearing: cast iron/Q235, cast steel

Sealing system: graphite、high molecular weight polyethylene


The vacuum couch roll is located at the end of the wire section of the paper machine. Its structure is basically the same as that of the suction roll. It is composed of a roll body, a vacuum box, a bearing seat on the operating side and the transmission side, a water spray tube, an air cushion tube, a rubber wheel, and a vacuum regulating valve. The roller shell is made of bronze or stainless steel, and the thickness of the roller shell is determined by the required rigidity and strength.

Structure principle

The use of high-strength metal to make a vacuum press roll with a thin roll shell is beneficial to improve the efficiency of press dewatering. Vacuum pressing can remove more water from the wet paper. Compared with ordinary pressing, it can improve the dryness of the paper. The paper web is also less crushed. The dehydration is more uniform along the width of the banner, and the felt can maintain a stable and good condition.

Interval parameters

Working face 1600mm-6200mm
Diameter 650mm-1000mm
Center distance 1650mm-7000mm
Suction width 3000mm-5000mm
Wall thickness 30mm-40mm
Shell material SUS304、SUS316

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