Vacuum press roll

Roller shell: 304 stainless steel/stainless iron

Box: 304 stainless steel/carbon steel(Carbon steel is easy to rust, so paint a layer of paint on the surface)

Shaft head: cast steel / ductile iron

Bearing: cast iron/Q235, cast steel

Sealing system: graphite、high molecular weight polyethylene


The layout of the general vacuum press and its auxiliary equipment are similar to those of the general press. However, the eccentric direction of the vacuum press is opposite to that of the ordinary press, that is, the upper press roll is offset from the lower roll by 50-60mm in the disposal direction.

Structure principle

The function of the vacuum degree of the inner cavity of the vacuum press roll is to force the moisture extruded from the nip to pass through the felt, and enter the inner cavity of the roll shell through the through hole on the vacuum roll. This process takes a certain amount of time. The higher the vacuum in the vacuum zone of the vacuum roll, the shorter the time, and the more water will be sucked out in the same time, and the more paper will be dehydrated, which is the dewatering capacity of the vacuum roll. The stronger.

Interval parameters

Working face 1400mm-6800mm
Diameter 600mm-1300mm
Center distance 1600mm-7000mm
Rubber thickness 20mm-40mm
Suction width 3000mm-5000mm

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